Thursday, May 7, 2009

School Committee meeting tonight

The School Committee meets tonight, and, as is not unusual at the end of the year, approves the appointment of some new principals. What is new is the listing of step and salary of each, as requested by the School Committee a few weeks ago.
A few other interesting orders:

gb #9-110 - Mr. Bogigian/Mayor Lukes/Mr. Monfredo/Mr. O’Connell

(April 22, 2009)

Request that the Superintendent define the role of the building principal in the hiring of a teacher.

Under Ed Reform, the principals received greatly enhanced powers to hire and fire. How this interacts with the administration in a place like Worcester is a good question. And yes, this, too, has to do with the last debacle in Human Resources.

gb #9-112 - Mr. Foley/Mrs. Mullaney/Ms. Hargrove

(April 24, 2009)

Request that Dr. Boone meet with all members of the School Committee on her next visit to Worcester to discuss the structuring of her Administration.

There's been some thoughts going around that there may not be an assistant superintendent in Dr. Boone's administration, that she will reorganize closer to the system out of which she is coming.

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