Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ch. 74 transportation

This is the funding of transportation for kids who want to specialize in something out of district. The sending district pays for transportation to the appropriate vocational school.
(Here's the McFarlane column dealing with this issue.)
We have several students who are specializing in equine care or other animal care.
Mrs. Mullaney rises to address this: "I could not in good conscience" send her own daughter to a school specializing in that, pointing out that we're spending $58,000 to send one student. She refers to it as a "boondoggle" before catching herself and calling it a "budget buster." She would like parents to interact with legislators around this issue; she would also like to have us working with other districts to cooperate on transportation.
Mayor Lukes asks what our legal issues are.
Mr. O'Connell approves of sharing commuting.
Brian Allen says that we already do some sharing of transportation. He would like us to talk about tuition with the state.

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