Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Councilor Germaine

wants to know if the high mobility rate is why we have underperforming schools.
Boone says that's only part of it.
ELL is part of it. (English Language Learners)
There are other challenges "race or socio-economic status"
He asks what the population looks like and is our per pupil funding down or up
Increase in ELL, low income, and sped students
Foundation funding is predicated on ELL and low income; it doesn't include sped in that calculation.
Germaine thinks busing could be a place for savings.
Do we exceed federal guidelines?
Allen says that state law determines that. K-6 beyond 2 miles. Bus is paid for by the day: once it's out of the yard, we've paid for it, so we use it. Transportation improves attendance, and NCLB includes attendence in how we are graded. WRTA is used, but their discontinuing transfers has made that more expensive.
Do we pick up children inside 2 miles?
Yes, if safety issues present themselves.
Germaine looks at that as a citizen and says there's gotta be a way to save money.
More than half of transportation is mandated by IEP's for sped students.
Germaine asks about the athletics budget, which will stay the same. He wants a transparent discussion of cuts, once we need to have cuts, so we can have fundraising efforts as needed.

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