Monday, May 4, 2009

Rosen "brings back memories"

"brings back memories of those ten years I was on the School Committee...I thought we had come so far...a little painful for us...can take me out of the school system but you can't take the school system out of me."
"They are the City...we are the City...there's no competition"
Budget constraints make us pull in all directions. School Committee members were elected to advocate for the children; city councilors were elected to advocate for children, too.
"Let's keep in mind that this has to be a team...a team of seventeen."
dang, is he running for something?
Rosen is the first City Councilor who directs a question to Brian Allen: he asks how the loss of the funds will show up in the school budget.
It's been factored into the budget already, he says.
Is it teachers? Books? Rosen pushes.
Roughly 20 teachers, Allen says.

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