Monday, May 4, 2009

Foley poses the percent increase question

Mr. Foley has asked the DoE and Senator Moore about the increase question. Brian Allen has learned that

A 3% cut would mean $600,000 loss for schools.

Commissioner Chester has circulated a letter on "indirect cost reporting" is at the discretion of the School Committee. That policy applies to all grant dollars, according to the DoE. Mr. Foley says that they will be getting a legal opinion from the state.

Mr. Foley is proposing that if this is the case, that the subcommittee would look at the current state of things in the city and look ahead at how things are or will be going. Also, he proposes a renegotiation of the percentage vs. per-pupil charge from the city. He also brings up Medicaid.

We'll be out of stimulus money in two years, and where will we be then?

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