Monday, November 18, 2019

Worcester Finance and Operations subcommittee: FY19 close and FY20 first quarter

and the report is here
Allen: tracks closely with the second and third quarter report
$2312 at close
salary account balances are vacancy or when positions were filled
some of the accounts were corrected in the FY20 budget
were used to influence budget planning
Foley: investments repairs, technology, curriculum
no question or answer on Misc Ed OM
motion to pass

FY20: Foley: facilities ordinary maintenance, having to contract out
offset by saving in the salaries line
Allen: correlation between vacancy factor and contractual costs
final FY20 state budget isn't appropriated until the city sets the municipal tax rate
assumption in the budget is that they're applied as recommended
because they came in fairly late
knew there'd be vacancy savings in the first quarter due to how late the budget came through
some vacancy in administrative salaries
transporation have added four bus routes since the beginning of year
WPS buses started several weeks ago; Durham buses starting next week
Foley: under personal services: targeted professional development at turnaround schools?
Allen: yes
McCullough: elementary materials and textbooks important
Foley: motion to approve transfers

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