Sunday, November 17, 2019

Students know the difference

The current issue of School Business Affairs, which is the ASBO (that's the national/international school finance people organization) magazine has this article:
"Should Your School District Join a School Finance Lawsuit?" by Al Ramirez
I'd link to it--it's here--but it's paywalled, so that doesn't do you much good.

After sorting out what a district should consider before deciding on joining such a lawsuit, the article closes with the following:
Adults--all community members, whether or not they have children in schools--accept a moral duty to determine that the current school funding sysetm is fair in its treament of their students, and is adequately funded to meet the educational aspirations the state holds for its children.
One of the more poignant moments an adult can experience is to travel with a school team from a school district that is inadquately funded by the state mechanism to a school district that is treated well by the state formula.
When the team arrives at their rival's campus, the students immediately recognize the disparities. They don't need legal precedents and statistical analysis to understand what is going on. They know immediately, loud and clear, how they are valued by the system.
Jaust look into the students' eyes. You will know everything you need to know about your state school funding approach.

"They know immediately, loud and clear, how they are valued by the system."

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