Tuesday, November 19, 2019

November Board of Ed: vocational education regulation proposed change

that would be information here
the proposal is to vote to solicit public comment
Chuang: stakeholder engagement has been "robust"
piloting of new vocational technical programs
regulatory changes on scope, on the exploratory practice
also on streamlining of vocational licensure

Stewart: impact on separation into two phases
Chuang: it is unusual to do it in two rounds
discussion around admission requirements "is probably an order of magnitude higher" than other sections
looking closely at data from particular schools' data
"have been engaged in back and forth with the field for some time, but it remains a very hot topic"
Stewart: if we support phase one in February, what happens next?
Chuang: ability to process licenses with less barriers

targeted change to address a unique circumstance: if you move after such date, you can't apply if you didn't know you were going to be a non-resident
general right conferred by our state law to each of the vocational programs, but it depends on if your town is a member

vote to solicit public comment passes

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