Monday, February 13, 2017

Worcester School Committee meets February 16

You can find the agenda here. It looks as though there are subcommittee meetings both today and tomorrow, 'though I haven't seen any mention of what's going on with those due to weather.
In addition to those subcommittee reports and some recognitions, there is a report on chronic absenteeism (no backup posted as yet).
There are also a few teacher appointments.
There is a list of the crew team's equipment, which Mr. O'Connell had requested.
Mr. O'Connell would like to bring back PEAK (which was a gifted program for elementary students).
Miss Biancheria would like a wrestling team. She also would like a summary of the principals' challenges on safety.
Mr. Monfredo would like to consider a K1 program.
The School Committee is being asked to accept:
  • "a donation in the amount of $7,500.00 from McGraw Hill Education that will allow Susan Farrell, Rose Dawkins and Dr. Mary Meade-Montaque, to attend the 2017 Patrick Suppes Personalized Learning Forum at Stanford University and Google Inc. Headquarters."
  • a $3000 Patterson Parternship grant for Chandler Elementary's library.
  • a $122,500 state grant for Worcester Tech for career vocational details in the backup on what the money's being spent on.
  • a $21,000 grant from UNUM "to enhance the classroom curriculum and support specific classroom initiatives," which will be measured by "students' comprehension and fluency." So I'm assuming they're spending that on literacy somehow.
Also, there is an executive session at 6pm, which includes (you guessed it!) PCBs as well as a grievance and two workers' comp cases.

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