Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March Board of Ed: recovery high schools

Recovery high schools
Chester: five high schools across the state; to help students who have substance abuse addictions
clear that districts would like better guidance around the topic of recovery high schools
brought today for a final vote
obligations of sending districts with regard to special ed services
and clarify process of recovery high school and district of residence on how best to meet student needs

Two sets of comments: department clarified and simplified in a number of places in response to them
also felt some best dealt with through policy
Sagan: "surprisingly small...I can't imagine there isn't some need"
A: family involved initiative
adolescents reluctant to admit they need to attend
 Sagan: assume there's a big difference between admit the problem and admission
"is there anything we know that we might want to do to help more young people?"
most programs are residential and expensive (in other states)

Reg changes pass

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