Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March Board of Ed: accountability and assessment amendments

Chester: schools have adopted a range of tests over the past few years
all schools now taking next MCAS for the first time this spring
"in light of that, and we're transitioning the accountability system...what I'm asking the Board to endorse is the idea that at the close of this school year...that we would essentially think of this as a reset of schools on their accountability status and a reset going forward"
"we would not for this one year...create or identify levels for each school"
a couple of exceptions: Level 4 and 5 can advance
two recommendations: below 90% regardless of scores would be Level 3; average participation of three years to determine
required to move to 95% in 2017-18
sending out to public comment

schools exiting turnaround status stay in plan until Commissioner has agreed to exit conditions
responding to MTA concern: decision would have to be within two months

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