Wednesday, February 8, 2017

MASBO February meeting: Governor's budget

Melissa King: going to be brief
about 2% increase over last year: about $37M inflation and enrollment growth
enrollment essentially flat statewide; substantial growth in municipals and ring
benefits rate in the formula: small inroad into FBRC recommendation: about 10% of what was modeled
inflation has not kept pace with health insurance
"no planned phase in" in the budget on FBRC
effort reduction: many districts close to or at target; strong step towards implementing aggregate wealth model
$20/pupil increase
"extremely important to catch errors (of enrollment) as soon as possible" before Governor's budget
92 districts are getting foundation aid; that's the state aid they need to make it to foundation aid
237 districts (that's everyone else) are getting $20/pupil aid; that's they keep their same aid as last year (hold harmless) plus they get at least $20/pupil increase
$400+ million given out over foundation aid
written into Section 3 economically disadvantaged rate is same as last year
(and they only found a small handful more kids)

"it's good that this [foundation budget review] is being advocated for, but it's going to make more of a difference for some than for others"
note that for districts above NSS, they may not see increased aid; "but it will make a real difference for the districts that struggle to meet minimum aid"
Q if there's any possibility that the minimum percentage of aid might move down (so districts get more aid)
the answer is that no one knows

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