Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March Board of Ed: teacher licensure and license renewal

Chester: in essence what we've done with these regulations is work within existing statute
change in existing regulations within the statutory structure
initial step towards addressing multiple preliminary licenses that are not time dependent
making it very difficult for school administrators are teaching under a current or expired license
Peske: back up is here

I should note that all of these are examples rather than the full thing
streamlining: reciprocity with out of state educators (one year of experience rather than one calendar year); an initial license needs to have equivalent license, but not hte three years experience
PDPs: from 120 down to 60
close loopholes: maximum of five years employment under a a preliminary license (no license hopping)
require performance assessment for leaders for those coming in from out of state
reduce burdens: move subject matter requirements in to guidelines rather than regs
condense grade levels in licenses
autism endorsement: expanding eligibility to all educators; require three graduate credits (or prerequisite license)
IT and digital literacy/computer science
maintain IT licenses but revert back to a specialist teacher licenses; develop a digital literacy and computer science 5-12 license
clarify the process for licensure sanctions: create a "sanction" less than revocation or suspension
clarify conditions under which that would happen; remove "investigatory subpoena" provision; make a provision on notice of license actions
Peyser: construct of existing statute which is fairly prescriptive
use professional development plan as licensure plan to bring those two things together
expansion of pathways towards initial licensure, as well
performance on graduates of programs as an indicator of success
McKenna: looking at the success of graduates of programs in the classroom
can I teach with a BA if I took a test?
Peske: can teach for five years
McKenna: I think that makes absolutely no sense.
Peske: are fields that have persistently been challenge fields, also geographic challenges
principal makes the call, ultimately
McKenna: think there are teacher programs that shouldn't exist
the idea that in Massachusetts you can take a test and just walk into a classroom is a problem
"then why are we putting extra burdens on graduate programs?"
Peyser: districts are required to provide an induction
evidence "isn't there" to support difference among licenses
McKenna: "I would differ on the research base"
Noyce: science in particular a challenge
McKenna; why would we allow them to teach five years without any pedagogical training?
Noyce: no evidence that pedagogical training makes a difference
McKenna: may be true for high school science, but is not true for third grade
"the exception doesn't prove the rule" concern I have all the time
Note from Peske that law would have to be changed for that
sent out for public comment

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