Monday, October 17, 2016

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday October 20

You can find the agenda here.
Two things that are a carryover from the previous meeting: the PCB items, as they involve active litigation, were referred to executive session at 6 pm. The School Committee is also discussing contract negotiations with teachers and unit B (which is unionized administrators) and with IAs.
Also, the report of the superintendent on last year's standardized test scores was held over, so that is happening this week.
There was a Teaching, Learning, and Student Support meeting tonight; that agenda is here: AP scores, debate league, SkillsUSA, Playworks, and wifi.
There are a number of resignations, transfers, and appointments.
Much of the remainder of the agenda is reports requested by members: the state preschool expansion grant, discipline codes on SAGE (the online data system of the schools), content liaison information, a legislative breakfast schedule, MCAS appeals, goals assurances grant letter signing, site council meeting dates, services offered by Worcester Tech,  and kindergarten classes of 25 or more that have no IA (there are none).
There is a request that donations to Heard Street School, to Belmont Street School (for the Healthy Kids and Family project from UMass), and to Burncoat High's day care be accepted.
Mr. O'Connell suggests that new schools have publicly accessible libraries and requests that Worcester Public Library events be shared with WPS students.
Mr. Monfredo wishes to congratulate Kevin Cox on his book being published, and principals on AP launches. He also would like students to learn the Smiley Face song. (yes, that is an item)
Miss Biancheria would like a report on the JROTC program, on the ALICE protocol, and on window replacements (as covered in the opening of school report, which does not appear to be online).

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