Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday, October 6

The Worcester School Committee meets Thursday, October 6 at 7 pm. You can find the agenda here.

After a few recognitions, the report of the superintendent is a testing and accountability update (not posted as yet).

Former Mayor Ray Mariano is petitioning the School Committee to allow testing for PCBs to go forward in Burncoat and Doherty High Schools. This would require the School Committee to drop the appeal they have made of the state Labor Relations Board ruling, allowing the testing to go forward. For more on this issue (not at all limited to Worcester), see the EPA's page.

There are a number of retirements, resignations, and new appointments.

There are reports coming back on graduation expenses, the outdoor work at the Parent Information Center, clearing of City View and Belmont Street School grounds (twice, because it was filed twice), painting of crosswalks,  the removal of guard shacks at Burncoat and South, and one clarifying that grant v. general fund positions will now be shown in charts as well as in words.

Mr. Foley is calling for recognition of International Walk to School Day (tomorrow, October 5).

Mr. Monfredo wants to add five IAs each year, starting with level 3 schools, until all kindergarten classes have an IA.

He'd also like to invite high school students to sing the National Anthem at each meeting and to recognize paraprofessionals.

And he echoes former Mayor Mariano's call to allow PCB testing.

Ms. McCullough would like to recognize National Manufacturing Day and is asking about the feasibility of a girls ice hockey team.

Mr. O'Connell is asking that Peace Day be recognized, as well as those who volunteered at Belmont Street School for the United Way's Day of Caring.

Ms. Colorio wishes to discuss WPS policy on employees wearing political apparel, appending a single page of the larger Office of Campaign and Political Finance guidance on the rights and restrictions on political activity of public employees.

She also wishes the committee to take a position on question 4 (done, so far as I know, only by a single other school committee statewide)

Miss Biancheria would like to review the job description of an Applied Behavioral Analyst and understand how the positions are budgeted, and request a presentation on the Safe Schools Summit from the District Attorney.

The School Committee is being asked to consider amending the prior fiscal year payment for an Instructional Assistant from $6,220.01 to $6,376.23; to approve a prior fiscal year payment in the amount of $301.50 made payable to ABACS, LLC for services rendered to students in June 2015; to approve a prior fiscal year payment in the amount of $1,334.00 for a Summer 2016 Cohort provided by the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA).

They're being asked to vote acceptance of the Financial Innovation Fund Grant from the Treasurer's Office.

They're being asked to vote acceptance of a High School Chemistry Grant.

They're being asked to accept donations for Tatnuck Magnet, Burncoat Prep, Lincoln Street, Canterbury Street, and Worcester Tech.

There is also an executive session beforehand at 6, regarding negotiations with cafeteria employees, administrative secretaries, instructional assistants, OT and PT assistants, educational secretaries, and nurses.

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