Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Board of Ed meets this week!

a bit behind on getting the preview up this week: apologies!

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education meets in Malden this week on Monday night and Tuesday morning. You can find the agenda here; the Commissioner's meeting briefing is here.

On Monday night, the Board will be getting an update on proposed revisions to ELA and math standards. Note that the plan at this point is for an update at this October meeting, with a vote to send the standards out for public comment at the November meeting, with comments due back by January. Overview on ELA changes is here (detailed changes here); overview on math changes is here (detailed changes here). If this matters to you, the time to start reviewing is now!

On Tuesday, following opening comments, there will be an update on Southbridge, which, as you might remember, is in state receivership. There will also be a first quarter update on the level 5 schools. There will be a recap of the previous night's presentation.
The Commissioner plans an update on the ongoing discussion regarding educator evaluation, namely dropping the explicit "student impact" section of the teacher evaluation. The plan is for the Board to vote on that next month, as well.
The shift to the class of 2020 as the final one to need to pass the current MCAS to graduate will be discussed and voted on.
There is also a vote on an amendment to the turnaround regulations that would make it clear that turnaround schools are still under their plans until a new plan is accepted or the old one is renewed. That's been happening anyway, but it isn't in the regs.
And there's an update on the FY18 budget.

I'll be posting on Tuesday! 

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