Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Board of Ed; extending MCAS as graduation requirement

backup is here
Chester recommending extension to class of 2020 "for reasons of fairness"
Wulfson: this year's 8th graders is the class of 2021, and they will be the first to experience the new test as a graduation requirement (having taking the new test also as 8th graders)
"have not received any contrary opinions from any stakeholders"
first administered in Spring of 2019
Peyser: will there be an opportunity for allowing this year's 8th graders for taking a test with 10th grade items on it, to get some feedback on level of difficulty on likely ranges of test performance of these students
Wulfson: will make some items available to students as 9th graders
Peyser: give students some experience with questions
also give public what we're expecting on proficiency rates
"expectations that rigor will bring those numbers down"
Vote carries

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