Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Third Way" coming

If you're on MassInc's email list, you may have gotten an invitation to "The Emerging Third Way: Blazing an Optimistic Path Ahead in K-12 Education." They're featuring both the federal and the state secretaries of education.
What's this Third Way? Per the literature from Empower Schools*:

  • convergence on "best practice" for which they cite school controlled hiring (and cite charters) and extended day (ditto, though ELT predates charters in MA)
  • collaborative alignment with charters: HELLO, single enrollment system!
  • "empowerment zone" as in Springfield, where the state has a larger amount of power than it does anywhere in the state that isn't under receivership, and, again, where the "charter-like" powers are being cited as an example

That...doesn't sound like a "third" way to me. That sounds like the currently pushed way. 

*While Chris Gabrieli is the chair, the list goes through The New Teacher Project and charter associations.

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