Saturday, May 7, 2016

Getting the numbers wrong on the foundation budget

I keep seeing this happen: in the coverage of yesterday's hearing on H4219, we once again are seeing this:
The commission recommended changes that, if implemented in fiscal 2016, would result in the state and municipalities together spending an additional $568 million on education.
No, it wouldn't. The $500M number (with its variations) is based on JUST SPECIAL ED AND HEALTH INSURANCE in the preliminary report.
It doesn't touch low income.
It doesn't touch ELL.
It doesn't touch the outstanding inflation.
It doesn't deal with pre-K.

MassBudget found in 2011--that's five years ago now!--that we were AT LEAST $2 billion short on funding of public education in Massachusetts.

If we're going to have this discussion, we have to be having it from the right numbers!

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