Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Receivership updates: Board of Ed

New director of special education:
wants to think special education more in terms of services received rather than in programs
wants students to be homerooms, receive services as part of the school day
also have an new IT director, new social and emotional learning director
turnaround plan ready in June: model will have to be different
given size of district, what is role of district in relationship to school?
local interim superintendent has completed term
"tremendous goodwill" towards receiver
town "really talked about a chance for Southbridge to redevelop its identity"
director of ELL: finalists ID, announced shortly
also, announced a new high school principal: was unanimous choice of search committee
new director of finance and operations, as well

elementary schools adding 60-90 minutes of instruction
curriculum not aligned with frameworks, not being implemented well
focusing on K-8
mapping and focus
looking at kindergarten across the district
study model used in Boston
"Focus on K2"
designing professional development for curriculum

Moriarty: meeting with Holyoke Chamber of Commerce
"gave a great deal of creditably" in collaboration with state

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