Thursday, May 26, 2016

Senate budget deliberation, day three UPDATED at 3 PM

If you aren't watching the #SenBudget wall, fun and often informative

We're entering Senate budget deliberation day three with a few things educational outstanding:

  • amendment 120, covering the foundation budget review commission update to M.G.L. Chapter 70, has not yet been voted
  • amendment 190 for innovation schools remains outstanding
  • amendment 196, eliminating the required use of district-determined measures in teacher evaluation, has yet to be voted on
  • amendment 206, bringing the kindergarten grant to level-funded at $18.5M, has not yet been voted (and Worcester? That's $750,000 in the FY17 the School Committee considers next week that IS NOT IN the Senate budget!) 
They've just opened budget deliberation for the day; you can still call your Senators!

3PM update:
  • amendment 120 passes unanimously on a voice vote, having been amended with a July 2017 implementation date
  • amendment 206 is rejected as part of a second bundle of amendments, meaning the kindergarten grant will go to conference committee

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