Thursday, June 18, 2015

Midcycle report on superintendent's goals

Can be found here with backup here
Boone: in July will be working with School Committee on new goals going forward
"good news" on the Worcester Public Schools: professional practice
quarterly Quadrant Newsletter, superintendent's newsletter in between those
proficiency gap closure (based on DESE targets): 2% reduction in the ELA 2015 MCAS proficiency gap
2.7% reduction in the math 2015 MCAS proficiency gap
(in both cases, we won't know 'til fall)
review and revise district accountability system
reports of the superintendent to come on the review of the full arts magnet program and the alternative education program
PSAT being taken by all 10th and 11th graders (expanding National Merit scholar access, indication of AP readiness, and college direction)
attendance rate: district improvement
holistic report of attendence
advanced high school academy: currently working process on hiring the first positions
looking for space to house


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