Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Common Core, kindergarten, and play

You may have seen the Boston Globe "Ideas" column on the impact of the Common Core on kindergarten over the weekend. I'd recommend reading it, particularly in terms of the distinction between goals to strive for and goals that are developmentally appropriate. It also raises the question of the importance of play, something we're seeing increasingly get shuffled aside.
And it clearly hit a nerve over at DESE, as yesterday, what was linked on the department's Twitter feed but these comments (scroll down to the "Teacher Reflection") regarding how very pleased this teacher is that the state recognizes the importance of play...
...which they did in a comment on what's not covered in the standards.
If in fact the state feels that play is central for young children--and I know I'm not alone in arguing that doesn't end in kindergarten--then they should place it at a much more central place when they talk about standards, child development, and pedagogy of young children. Sticking it in a "what's not here" note just points out that it isn't there.

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