Monday, June 1, 2015

Governance: policy

Proposed changes to the Student handbook are here
posting as we go

Rodrigues: three backups: current policy handbook, changes to handbook made in August 2014 (didn't make handbook), changes made in September 2014.
greatest volume of changes are those that were changes in the late summer/early fall of last year
some clarifications and cleaning up the language
others cleaning up language, clarification
Monfredo: legal changes run by principals?
Rodrigues: yes, and some changes made per request of principals

Foley: August and September changes made or marked in yellow are additional changes?
Monfredo: we're all set on the colors
pages through 7 approved
through 19 approved

Biancheria: changes made through pages 27-34: seems like a lot
Rodrigues: most changes already made last year; some details for clarification of which section applies; also need details for code on conduct
search of students or lockers brought to code of conduct section
added as part of the suspendable offenses under code
Biancheria: excluded?
Rodrigues: some of discipline may be excluding a student from extracurricular activities
Biancheria: creating another level of discipline? excluded not suspended?
Rodrigues: if you're suspended from school, not allowed in extracurricular activities; may be times principal may not suspend a student, but may exclude from an extracurricular activity

Biancheria: in reference to the bullying law
"school community members" are we talking about staff and students?
Rodrigues: bullying law has evolved: anyone within the school community
"anyone within the school community could be a target under the bullying law"
Biancheria: is this language that is being used frequently? or is this something we're doing?
Biancheria: is there a way to put that definition? not specific
Foley: concerned that it doesn't include everyone, could raise issues
Rodrigues: that way there's no one left...if we're going to catagorize staff
was furnished to us by legal counsel
Monfredo: counsel is agreeing with the statement
Novick: aggressor limited to student or staff; victim may be anyone (volunteer, site council member, parent)
Pezella: could include a volunteer, due to changes in MGL (now has added amendment which includes adults bullying students)
Foley: quoting the state law, talks about how we define bullying, what we're saying in the other paragraph below, not referencing the state law that's there; we're saying the civil rights are guaranteed.
Monfredo: let's leave it as it is, we can always make a change a year from now
Monfredo: not to make any changes about cell phones, motion to address cell phone use with secondary principals, about safety and academic use
Foley: legal counsel on search? Yes
glad to see changes on policy in deliberation with principals
"at a time we're struggling with do we come up with a plan that allows kids to manage that properly"
supportive of motion
change on athletic eligibility: passing classes
Biancheria: who determines student's average?
Rodrigues: since this regulation, SAGE report can be printed,, shows who is eligible and who is not
athletic liaison lets coaches know
Biancheria: because student mobility is an issue, SAGE follows them? Yes.
changes in school health nursing changes
changes in security measures: physical restraint (per state law)
homeschooling: motion to add language on participation in extracurricular activities
Rodrigues: waiting to have language approved state counsel
Biancheria wants to hold off on any discussion until she has numbers
Foley: may need to approve this book before we have a discussion
Rodrigues: approve the proposal with new language to be approved at a later date
Novick: clarification for our principals as much as anyone; the confusion isn't on the part of principals
Foley: if we have any language ahead of printing, ask for it
if we're following the law, bringing greater clarity to what we're doing
approved with change (pending, somewhat)
testing sections pass
change in time for Elm Park Community School: longer day per Level 4 turnaround plan
changes approved as proposed

Luster: proposed changes from Mass Commission on non-discrimination on Nondiscrimination
addition of criminal record, active military status, genetics, or ancestory (this throughout the section on Nondiscrimination, starting on page 8)
changes in address and phone
"up to and including termination" under finding of discrimination disciplinary action

Changes approved as amendment
this is before the full committee on Thursday night

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