Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Worcester School Committee meets on Thursday

The Worcester School Committee will have its second February meeting on Thursday at 7 pm at City Hall. You can find the agenda here. 
(And it's a lengthy one; that's what happens when there's an extra week in between meetings!)
Governance and Employee Issues is reporting out from their meeting on Valentine's Day.
Administration is reporting back on:
In other news: we still have $45,000 to allocate from the $500,000 the City Council sent to WPS.
The cross-country course at Newton Hill needs preservation, as the Fire Alarm Building changes hands.
There's a request for a waiver for the 180 day requirement.
Congratulations going to kids who received awards on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and on Valentine's Day. 
A request is coming in that we look at the summer learning collaborative.
There's a suggestion that we celebrate September 2 as "World War II Commemoration Day."
A request that we look at establishing mock trial and debate teams at the secondary level, as well as after school activities at the middle schools.
Mayor Petty is suggesting that we name the gym at Columbus Park School after Sergeant William Benjamin Soutra, Jr.
We need to look at the findings of the Civil Rights Secretary on sports participation and the Title IX finding, also on sports.
We're congratulating on Thomas Greene Award winners!
Mr. O'Connell has filed items regarding both changes to IDEA (on parental consent) and proposed Local Educational Agency Governance, Flexibility, and Efficiency Act.
We're congratulating South High's bowling team.
There's a request coming in for projected changes in principals for next year.
And we're asking how that increased supply budget was spent.

7 pm, City Hall!

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