Saturday, February 9, 2013

Afternoon update from Superintendent Boone

We have just received the following update from Superintendent Boone. Note the closing regarding call of school on Monday:
Our facilities and operations staff have been working throughout the night to keep up, as much as practical, over night. We had crews out starting at 4:00 pm yesterday doing early plowing. As conditions worsened, crews were conducting plowing to allow emergency access to buildings.
Plowing operations have been initiated as of noon today. However, just like us, leaving home for custodians is a challenge. Additionally, crews that have been working these hours will be sent home soon to rest and return tomorrow.
At this time, we are not aware of any power issues at any of our facilities. We will have better information after a conference call with National Grid later today.
DAB will be open tomorrow as our Storm Recovery Command Center to monitor all operations related to cleanup. Additionally, facilities personnel will conduct surveys of the school sites to determine status. Modular unit roofs will also be checked with support from the City's Code Department. Transportation supervisors will also be examining bus routes tomorrow to assist in gathering information to support a decision about school status on Monday.
We are working very closely with the City Manager and the City's Emergency Operations Team through this storm and recovery. We are also participating in joint messaging with the city as to recovery efforts. The City Manager and I have agreed to a 5:00 pm timeframe on Sunday to include information on school status for Monday to be included in a joint message. All joint messages will also be posted on the district's website, Facebook and Twitter. Parents and staff will be contacted as needed via Connect Ed. That timeframe allows us the rest of today and all of tomorrow to conduct cleanup efforts, along with the city, and to assess our progress toward resuming normal school operations.

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