Thursday, February 14, 2013

Counties rebelling in Maryland

In Maryland, where Race to the Top districts are required to make "student learning" 50% of student evaluation, several districts that refused RTTT funds have had their teacher and principal evaluation methods rejected by the state for not using student test scores as at least 20% of their evaluation methods:

The department earlier this month rejected teacher evaluation proposals from Montgomery, Frederick and seven other counties, but the school systems didn’t receive official specifics on why until late Friday afternoon.
All 24 counties in Maryland had to submit new models for judging teacher performance in response to new state law and federal education reforms, including President Obama’s Race to the Top initiative.
Montgomery County Schools officials confirmed receiving details from the state Friday, but it is reviewing the information before making further comment, spokesman Dana Tofig said.
While the state is offering to help, it remains to be seen how the counties will respond to this. We have not yet seen any challenge to states' ability to require particular evaluation methods, though it is several steps away from the historical vesting of this power with the local authority.

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