Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Someone please fetch a fainting couch

...for the editorial board for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, as they appear to have had an attack of the vapors in this morning's paper.
You see, Commissioner Chester had the temerity, the unmitigated gall, to fail to recommend the SABIS charter school application for Brockton to the Massachusetts Board of Education.
Yes, this would be the same Brockton that has received national praise for what a great school it is. The same Brockton that got to that place because teachers took the lead in making changes at their public, unionized, school. The same Brockton that saw citizens turn out for a public hearing to make it clear that they did not want or need a charter school.
Yes, that Brockton.
Frankly, the only things that are "worn out" are the claims that "unlimited competition and choice" does anything to help students (note that SABIS horribly underserves ELL students in, for example, Springfield) and that districts aren't harmed by charters opening in their communities (guess where those ELL students do go to school? Yes, the public schools that serve everyone).*

We all know the "lift the cap" campaign is on, and clearly the T&G editorial board wishes to be early out of the gate in pushing for it. Casting the new Secretary of Education, Matt Malone, as the villain in this melodrama due to his public opposition to SABIS when he was superintendent of Brockton is also rather rich. There's not a superintendent in Massachusetts that doesn't know precisely what effect a charter school actually has on public education.
One only wishes for an editorial board that had such knowledge.

*Oh, that's worn out, as is the T&G continuing to run these pieces without noting that the writer may have a conflict of interest. Ethics 101, gentlemen: if it affects a family member, you have to disclose it.

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