Thursday, February 7, 2013

Title I update

Boone: the federal government allowed states to apply for a waiver to the current NCLB requirements
flexibilities in how we operate
Massachusetts received a wavier
flexibility in how we provide supplemental services to students
NCLB restricted how those funds were used
direction to student needs, not just compliance
backup is here
Rodrigues: with greater flexibility, comes greater accountability
now have to measure the impact on student achievement
committee to explore best practices: principals, teachers, administrators
possible interventions: could be in school time, as well as outside of school, after, vacations

  • computerized math programs
  • literacy programs
  • ELA tutors
  • math tutors
  • after school programs
  • Saturday and vacation programs
needs assessment for their particular schools
use of early warning indicators as well as data
workshop with principals and coaches: needs assessment, interventions needed, family engagement, process for monitoring and evaluating
17 schools now receiving interventions
expect that we will have greater outcomes

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