Monday, July 11, 2011

School bus yard fire

Still finding out more on this, but apparently someone broke into the bus yard on Crescent Street overnight.
I'll post as I learn more.
Durham owns the buses and we lease them.
UPDATE: Looks like the T&G just got this. Preliminary estimate of $500,000 damage. Deputy Chief Sullivan has a great quote:

“Buses do not just spontaneously combust.”

UPDATE II: sorry, other mailbox!
From the School Committee update: 
"6 mid-size special education buses and 1 wheelchair bus owned by Durham School Services were set on fire and are a complete loss.  Other vehicles may be vandalized...There will be no impact on summer school.    We utilize Durham on a limited basis for special education transportation during the summer.Durham will work under tight timelines to purchase or relocate vehicles for the start of the school year."

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