Thursday, July 21, 2011

Capital improvements

We've got a gigantic report on capital improvements, including ESCo contract improvements.
We've got boilers going in at Claremont/Woodland,  Norrback, Quinsig, Roosevelt, Union  Hill, and Worcester Arts Magnet.
Worcester Tech is getting solar, as is Sullivan Middle, plus Tech is getting a wind turbine
And Jacob Hiatt is getting a new roof

O'Connell asks if there's any work happening at Worcester East Middle on the theater there.
Allen: work is needed. Nothing in current scope of work.
O'Connell motion for recommendation on fixing up of theater
anything coming out of Belmont Community: security?
Allen: has a new security system
O'Connell asks if it's doing its job: yes
schools of the vintage of Claremont need chiller/boiler replacement...15 years old and have conked out
Allen says (in essence) that they're a bad set; "the life expectancy of these units was about 15 years"
O'Connell asks if we're concerned about North; no, completely different systems
O'Connell asks about the wind turbine: report can come through standing committee

Novick echoes a question on that, asking if it will stay on WPS footprint (as Green Hill Park is under a conservation restriction)
Solar array going to Sullivan will help at South (one system?)
If you're wondering what any of these things are, drop me a line. I'm wondering about building infilatration, control roll-up, and TOD scheduling. I also wondered what sort of water conservation we're doing

Biancheria asks what's happening with CSX money, specifically to schools
asks for absolute priorities: Boone: anything included on that list showing greater or more rapid deterioration
significant replacement or renovation of three high schools
ongoing assessment
Allen speaks of working with School Building Authority on the larger list to see what we can do
Biancheria asks for an update in the fall on where we're at

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