Saturday, July 2, 2011

Long-term suspension report

We've just received the long-term suspension report for the 2010-11school year.
This is a report that is required each year (and note that categories are those of the federal government); I thought it might be of general interest.

During this past school year, there were 184 alleged violations of the WPS Students' Code of Conduct. 40 of the 184 hearings were the elementary level (21.7%). All 184 students had a hearing (in most cases before the Chief Academic Officer); 99 were placed on long-term suspension (which is 53.8%).

Of those 99 students:
23 were female (23%): of those 11 were Hispanic, 8 White, 4 Black.
76 were male (77%): of those 42 were Hispanic, 18 White, 13 Black, and 2 Asian.

64 were special education students (65%)

In descending order, the nature of violations were: knives (29); assault on school employees (28); drugs (17); other weapons (10); serious student assaults (6); setting a fire (4); threat to school employees (2); sounding a false alarm (2); alcohol (1).

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