Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NewsCorp: education edition

You didn't know there was an education connection?
The state of New York has multiple millions of dollars out in no-bid contracts to Wireless Generation, a subsidiary of News Corp., where, not-so-coincidentally, past New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein now works.
It appears that some are now thinking this might not be so wise:
The New York Daily News, in a story about how the media scandal could affect News Corp.’s new education division, quoted Patrick Sullivan, a parent leader on the city’s Panel for Educational Policy, as saying that it was “really disturbing” that education officials had “hired a Murdoch company to work on our children's data.”
And now, School Size Matters, a New York-based education advocacy nonprofit organization, has organized a petition drive asking the state and the New York City comptroller to reject no-bid contracts with Wireless Generation.

Rupert Murdoch recently appointed Klein to serve as his advisor on the growing News Corp. scandal (that's him sitting next to Murdoch's wife, Wendi Deng, and behind his son James, as Murdoch testifies before a Parliamentary subcommittee today).

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