Monday, May 24, 2010

The City sold the airport for $17 million...

...and the Worcester Public Schools have a $67 million facilities repair backlog....
...and how much money is going to the schools?

Not. one. cent.

Nice set of priorities we've got here.

You will find the emails of the city councilors, who will be presented with both the airport MOU and the City Manager's suggested allocation of funds tomorrow night, here.
UPDATE: I'm hearing some money may come in...put me under "waiting to see it" because it isn't written down here!


Anonymous said...

Well that's good news.

Nice set of misplaced priorities you have there.

Tracy Novick said...

Yes, Will, I saw your advocacy, as well. As a city that pays .1% than the minimum legal requirement for education, we can't say it's a priority.