Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Allen: did we get here?

reduction from Governor's budget of $14 million
ch. 70 down $1.2 mil
city contribution down $425,000
8% cut in Title 1 $ 883,438 (or so)
current budget deficit of $18 million for FY11

final year of IDEA and Title 1 stimulus funding: using $8 million
FY09 used $19 million=380 jobs
FY10 used $24.1 million=480 jobs
FY11 will use $11.9 million=238 jobs saved stimulus funding
total in $55 million spent over three years

$319 million in revenue in total next year
state is offsetting the larger decrease anticipated in state funding
$195 million coming from state, about $1.3 million less than this year
FY11 foundation budget is $275.8 million
foundation growth of $1.2 million [we have a negative inflation factor (-2.2%) so that's a reduction of $6.6 million ]
enrollment goes up but negative inflation sends us down
city contribution $90 million, $400,000 for Medicaid + $130,000 in Medicaid, FY10 INET (connections) $130,000, FY11 growth in foundation $2.5 million= 93.3 million
federal grants of $25 million, state grants of $4.8 million (so far as we can tell thus far)

Level service costs would add up to $335 million
we have $319 million
there's the $16.8 million we are missing

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