Monday, April 26, 2010

Tweets from Sullivan

Family health issues made me late to Sullivan and I left early, but here are what I did manage to get while I was there:
  • About 40 people @ Sullivan Middle. 4 SC members. Maybe 15 are teachers
  • For a long time educators have felt constrained. Better results=more autonomy. Mulqueen
  • Question-autonomy 4 what? Curricula,, too
  • Mulqueen of innovation schools as charters under WPS umbrellas
  • How would you compare schools? Would not use archaic model of comparing last yr 4th gr to this yr. Mulqueen
  • How do we know that our schools are doing well? Mulqueen cites 29 Level 3 schools. Note that is on MCAS
  • What happens 2 ones that already work? Not sacrificed
  • Question-how can there be autonomy w state frameworks?
  • (as I was leaving, I did catch the answer to this from Mulqueen, which was something along the lines of the frameworks leaving lots of room in them.)
Tomorrow night is Gates Lane!


T-Traveler said...

all 6 school committee members plus Dr. Boone attended at least part of the meeting.

The big take-away is that this is the beginning of a process that may culminate in a group of teachers, educators, parents or others submitting an application to convert a school into an innovation school. It would need to be approved by the school committee and the state board of ed. The earliest that the school could start would be September 2011. The innovation school could be a school within a school.

Also parents and teachers need to tamp down rumors and comfort students that there will not be big changes coming September 2010.

Tracy Novick said...

Thanks so much for the additions. Yes, I met Dianna on her way in, so all six members were there, which I think says a lot about the level of committee...attention, shall we say, to this.