Friday, April 30, 2010

Non-buidling specific administrators

list of administrators not assigned to building

clarification from admin: there were no FY10 raises, despite what the chart originally said

O'Connell: looked for people who were weren't involved in day-to-day instruction, or maintenance, or clerical
$76 million spent on that
"in that mix, as we look toward our budget, look to positions that fit in that catagory...when they fall vacant"
"non-instructional, non-support, non-maintenance positions...should we in fact take a hiatus from having these positions?"
reiterates that he is not looking to lay anyone off, requests (not in a motion) that administration look towards those positions for savings to be put back in the classroom
Mayor O'Brien asks that O'Connell file a list of some of those positions so that we can talk about it as we do the budget
O'Connell concerned that it will be taken as a list of people to fire; says again that it would be only as positions fall vacant
Boone:"everything has, and continues to be..." based budgeting
"have certainly made some recommendations..make some through attrition"
"expectation for district support"
"I know that there's a belief system that administration represents the fat in the budget...extremely lean administration..[pressures] increasing, not decreasing"
state has decentralized much of the achievement..."have seen it did not work"

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