Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chief Accountability Officer

request that the position be held off.

O'Connell: focus the dollars that we have in the classroom
"whether we should under the current fiscal conditions should be adding an additional position"
thrifty as we want to be
refer to the administration
suggests that for next year, admin reduce a position if they move forward with this
"as directly on instruction as it is possible to do"

Monfredo: "can certainly understand why we should wait on this position"
I think the time to say no is probably last year not now
"recommended reductions in the budget"
"one of our benchmarks for evaluating her is student achievement"
"accountability in public education is here to stay here, it's not going away"
"we do not have a position that provides the level of data" analysis
"I suggest that we give Dr. Boone the chance to move our district forward"

Mullaney: "a little confused"
this is just May and June
"we just won't hire this person until July, or we won't hire it at all"
I voted against it last year
"I was more confused at the end of the meeting than I was before"
"I've been a doubting Thomas on this...I go into this reluctantly"
asks if this is a three-three vote: a tie vote keeps it here
"it seems to me that you don't want the job ever at that rate"

Biancheria: "do more with this; built from the child out"
alternative of using current staff members
potential layoffs
"I've been told it's in the budget...the budget is still a challenge"
"our hand has been out to the community...we've asked the entire community to come and help us"
"I realize that data is vital, but so aren't our classrooms..I'd prefer not to make a 100,000 dollar mistake"
recommend that we eliminate the position for Fy11

(then me)

Foley: reminder that this is an item that was brought forward during the FY10 budget
"most of our intention that it would be in the fall"
search is nearly complete
"process is nearly done on a vote that we took last year"
"with the increased scrutinity...we have got to put someone in this see how this is working...agree with [academics over accountability]...believe this will drive instruction"
evaluation of reading programs
"I do think...that we are recognizing that this is more of a demand on our system than we had thought"
operational issue : give her the power to run the school district
integral part of what she intends to do here

Boone: appreciate the thought that has been given to this particular position
"a strong focus on accountability..."
urban districts and strategy...critical use of data, compelling level of that improvement
informations of the use of lack of student data ranked "poor" by the EQA team in 2005; improved in the next one
regular and ongoing review of programs
"what capacity to support school intervention efforts to date? What effect has it had to date?"
2007 EQA...ID'ed for restructions
review of Level schools...
"the need for a much greater and deeper focus on data"
since 2003 this need has been reported
"yes, we've had some focus on data and continue to ignore this documented use of data..."
"the cost of not improving our schools will far exceed our investment in this position"
"I don't see how we can sit back and ignore"

3-3 vote, so motion does not go forward

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Trailblazer on a mission said...


Thanks for trying to hold the line on spending.
If Boone is concerned about how critical this position is she could donate $100,000 of her salary back to the schools and still live comfortably.
I realize the that teachers and administrators are not saints but by the same token when I hear the refrain "It's all about the kids" its like the screetching sound of a fingernail along a chalkboard.