Friday, April 30, 2010

Exhaustive grant list

federal and state grants listing

Biancheria: concerned that there weren't more colleges and universities on the list
expiring at the end of this year: "we depend on funding for this grants"
"renewed, reduced, or eliminated"
"some grants are not renewed, some are eliminated...we could possibly lobby for these funds"
asks if we can have a report every so many months on how the grants are doing
Boone: "we are highly effective at obtaining these grants...lack plan of sustainability for these grants"
Allen: can have a conversation about next year's grants at the budget (they aren't all awarded yet)
dollar amounts going down each year
advocate with federal gov't for summer programs grants

Novick: asks how much of WPS budget is grant based
Allen: 15% (okay, he said 20 at the meeting, but it's really 15)
for more detail on spending of grants: where are they coming from, what are the restrictions, how are they spent in time for FY11 budget
after some back and forth, that motion passes

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