Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bid letters out

The bid letters went out yesterday.

UPDATED with an explanation, per the request of the commenter (and now we'll see how well I understand this myself!):
This year, the administration is proposing to the School Committee that a number of, in particular, secondary teaching and tutoring jobs be cut. Those are particular jobs--say, an English teacher at South High--that are cut.
If you are a teacher of some senior status--you have professional status and have taught for a number of years--and your job is cut, you have the right, under the teachers' contract, to "bid" for another job of like kind in the system held by a teacher of more junior status (say, an English teacher at North who is junior to you). You then can bump that teacher out of that job. That junior teacher then loses his or her job instead.

In addition, any teacher who has held a job for less than two years whose job did not originally go out to bid (as when a number of elementary jobs were added two years ago, and principals simply hired new staff) automatically has his or her job posted on the bid list. A teacher more senior at a different school may bump that teacher if she'd prefer to teach that grade at that school. The more junior teacher will not lose his or her job working for WPS, but will lose the position at that particular school. Or, perhaps, no one will bump that teacher.

Clearer? And if you know better and this needs correction, please say so!


T-Traveler said...

can you explain bid letters to the newbees here

Tracy Novick said...

Newly annotated for you (after some questioning myself!).

T-Traveler said...

are you saying that every teacher in the system will get a letter with a list of all the positions that can be bid on, or that teachers whose position was eliminated will get a letter, or some combination

Tracy Novick said...

Both. Yesterday, all teachers who hold positions that can be bid on were told so. Also, yesterday, pink slips went out to those whose positions the administration plans to eliminate. I don't know the timing, but all teachers will then get a list of eligible positions.