Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Just a reminder: I've posted the dates of the reorganization meetings to the right--->>>>

Please come!

Administration asks that those interested in secondary/middle schools attend the meetings at those sites; elementary parents (and those interested) at the elementary schools.

Please spread the word!


T-Traveler said...

children in elementary may be the main beneficiaries of the re-org of the middle/secondary schools so the administration should keep that in mind when they direct families toward a particular meeting

Tracy Novick said...

T, I thought we'd suggested having multiple meetings K-12. Now they're sorting by grade.
I take--and have passed along--your point.

Jenith said...

The Roosevelt and Burncoat High Dates swapped - Roosevelt on the 28th and Burncoat on the 7th (per letter from J. Mulqueen dated Mar 22)

Tracy Novick said...

Fixed it, Jenith. Thanks!