Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The reductions

Even though the City Manager is presenting a balanced budget tonight, because the budget is being balanced through the use of one-time (health insurance) money, there are still cuts that the School Department will have to make. At this time, the Superintendent is recommending:

  • Grant-funded staff development and instructional supplies (to make up for the loss of state and federal grants to fund the actual positions) be cut
  • 9 teachers (mainly secondary, as a result of enrollment shifts and changes) be cut
  • 40 school nutrition positions be cut, and a cut of work hours for 45 employees
  • 2 middle school librarians not be replaced (meaning that two middle school librarians would be running two libraries each)
  • 1 administrative position be cut
  • 2 custodians be cut
  • Community schools funding be cut
  • JV field hockey be eliminated, golf teams consolidated, 1 assistant coach per football team be cut.
  • 5 crossing guards at private, parochial, and charter schools be cut.

All of which is subject, of course, to the School Committee's determination, which will not be made until the final budget is presented to them (after whatever changes are made in the city budget by the City Council) on May 30, 2008.

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