Thursday, May 8, 2008

Budget hearings

The Standing Committee on Finance (which is the full City Council) is holding the first of its budgetary hearings this coming Tuesday, May 13. The hearings will start at 4pm and go to 6pm (and be broadcast live on Channel 12).
They plan to meet each Tuesday for two hours until they get through all parts of the budget.

There's supposed to be an agenda posted on the City website.
I haven't found it yet, or maybe they didn't get it up yet, but I know they are starting on Tuesday with the Legislative offices (which is the City Manager, Human Resources, and basically a lot of those offices in City Hall), Workers' Comp, and Health Insurance, then schools. It's anybody's guess whether they'll actually get to schools on Tuesday or have to put it off until the following week.

Not only, as posted below, is the budget online, but the budget message (that the City Council was given) is also online.

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