Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"It's a start"

...the City Manager's exact words on describing the increase in school funding for FY09 at tonight's City Council meeting

Following the speech by Stephanie Yuhl, speaking for Stand for Children, City Manager O'Brien was not nearly as effusive in his description of the increase in funding for schools next year as he had been in his budget message given to City Councilors over the weekend.

While a slide showed the line "103% over foundation," he did not read it, instead saying that there is an "increase in funding of $7.85 million."

In many other ways, incidentally, the news for kids in the city of Worcester is good. This budget opens the city's pools and beaches and opens the downtown branch of the library for 19 Sundays.

The City Manager was followed by Councilor Rushton who echoed the "good start." He said that the City Council had many "priorities...one of them is education."

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