Tuesday, May 13, 2008

and the lottery ticket

Smith is up for his lottery ticket idea.

"This has gotten the conversation started..what I had hoped"
"think outside the box"
"may even benefit the entire lottery system...overall boost for the entire system"

Additional order: work with state delegation reflect lottery funds generated here come back here.

"Every city and town would get back the revenues generated by its own city and town..would bring in significant additional revenues that then could go back to the Worcester Public Schools."

He also wants a report comparing how much money Worcester has sent into the lottery system to how much money we've gotten back from the lottery system. "We shouldn't be subsidizing others..."

"Glad it's gotten attention..."

"Work to change funding formula..."

Much discussion on the stage left councilors while he's speaking; should it go to legislative affairs or should it go right to the Manager? This leads to the mayor in essence rebuking them for not paying attention when they ask for a repeat of the other orders.

Palmeri: "Not realistic...can't vote for it"

The orders are referred to Legislative Affairs committee on a vote unanimous except for Palmeri.

(here's Worcesteria's take on this one)

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