Thursday, May 2, 2019

Worcester School Committee liveblog (ish)

I'm doing this from home tonight...
Worcester School Committee meeting opening with public testimony. 
Students speaking:
"we will be heard"
"the superintendent does not represent me"
one cannot solve a problem when one denies it exists
notes that the work that students did researching students' perspectives on teaching, initially presented at the Mayor's Commission at which the superintendent confronted the student researchers, was picked up by Harvard University
"how can we solve the problems of tomorrow when the superintendent denies the problems that exist today?"
"she planted fear in me by questioning the work that I do outside of school"
"I care about my community, I care about my fellow peers, and I want to cause change in my community"
"We will not be belittled by the superintendent anymore because enough is enough"
a former member of the Superintendent's council says their perspective was dismissed
"I want to be heard, not shut down"
another "I do not see the superintendent as a role model"
have seen teachers dismiss the experience of immigrant students
"when asked about the role of diversity...she said 'I don't like to label'"
students all are starting "I am a student in the Worcester Public Schools and the superintendent does not represent me" and closing with "enough is enough"
student "has abused her power"
"constantly making comments like 'that is not right' and murmuring under her breath" during the presentation

Principal echoes statement submitted in writing of principals' support, saying system depends on trust between principals and superintendent
Michael Lyons, candidate for EAW president, challenges students to come up with a solution

Student rep Kwaku Nyarko: from my perspective, I have not seen or experienced Ms. Binienda being racist
"more than that, the more important can't propose a solution if both sides don't see a problem"
majority of people seeing the problem are not Caucasian and the majority of those denying it are
wants statistics of teachers "checked immediately"
has been in Worcester since second grade and "I have never had a teacher that is black"
"you can experience discrimination without teachers being racist"
"there is discrimation happening in Worcester and we have to address it"

Here's Bill Shaner's coverage of tonight. And the T&G is here

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