Sunday, May 12, 2019

A quick note on the Chief Diversity Officer in the FY20 WPS budget

Much more to come on the FY20 Worcester Public Schools budget, but a quick note for those who had been seeking a Chief Diversity Officer for the system: the position is in the budget, and per the org chart (this is page 66) would answer to the Human Resources Officer:

Per page 16, the position's responsibilities are outlined as:
•Increase the number of Highly Qualified teacher candidates
•Recruit educators knowledgeable in instruction in urban environments
•Expand and enhance recruitment of diverse educator candidates
•Provide supports to increase new teacher retention
•Develop a pipeline of educators among Worcester Public Schools students
•Attract recent college graduates to the Worcester Public Schools

My sense is that those advocating for the position saw it as much more than this; certainly, it is in other communities.
UPDATE: Should it be useful, here are the Superintendent’s direct reports:
UPDATE 2: the job description of the position is posted for Thursday night's meeting. It is a very compliance-based, hiring-focused position.

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