Saturday, May 18, 2019

Two upcoming events of interest (both online and one in Worcester)

Two things that MASC is involved in this week that are open to the public that might well be of interest:

On Tuesday at 4 at Worcester State, the Multistate Assocation of Bilingual Education has a panel discussion on implementing dual language education; I've seen the agenda, and they're really covering the bases in terms of who will be there. 
You can register here; if you're interested but can't make it to Worcester, you can participate online here

Marianna Islam of the Schott Foundation on Wednesday at 4 is moderating a webinar by Colin Jones of MassBudget and me (with my MASC finance hat on) called "School Funding: What Every Parent Needs to Know." The Twitter hashtag for this is #GrassrootsEd.

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