Monday, February 4, 2019

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday, February 7

In addition to what I just posted about, there is actually a whole agenda for Thursday.

There is actually a SECOND report of the superintendent, which usually would get this week's headlines but won't, which is a first look at FY20. There is, as yet, no backup. Note that what I posted about the foundation budget last week is, of course, super relevent.

There are recognitions, retirements, resignations, and appointments.
There is a very readable report about transportation and proposed solutions to some of the issues involved. What it doesn't tackle is that of the Durham buses that simply don't appear and don't report as running late. As it has seemed as if the district is not being kept appraised by Durham of when they actually have buses running, a major breach of contract would appear to have occurred.
Also, the School Committee had been told an overall report on transportation and future action (like bringing all the buses in house) was coming; this isn't it.
There is a mashup of a policy/procedure/directions on using "Force 911" to call police via app. It is dated October. As only the School Committee can adopt policy, and this has not previously appeared, it is not clear what is going on with this item.
There are request for reports on: online grading (?), substitute pay, having the Parent Information Center open at night, mandated pay (in school projects?), a hiring preference for the WooSox, that new positions be passed by School Committee, that there be a public forum on the sex ed curriculum, that there be a parent engagement plan, and that this report be reviewed prior to recommendation of a sex ed curriculum.
There is a request that nurses be approved.

There is a request that the following donations be accepted:
– $57,346.00 from the Worcester Technical Skyline Fund to support the Innovation Pathways Program.
– $349.80 from Box Tops for Education to Tatnuck Magnet School
– $78.60 from Box Tops for Education to Woodland Academy
– $500.00 from WEDF for Get Fit at Woodland Academy
– $1,000.00 to the Betty Reidy Scholarship at North High School
There is a request that the STARS Residency grant be accepted.
The handbook is going to subcommittee ('though it does not exist as yet).

There are three grievances and three collective bargaining agreements in executive session.
I do plan to at least go for the budget section. 

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