Friday, February 8, 2019

The Board of Ed meets Tuesday for February

The agenda is posted here.
As it is February, the agenda is heavy on charter school attention, with a discussion and vote on new charter schools (note that the proposal for Lawrence was withdrawn last week amid an uproar over letters of support that were faked), a recommendation that Excel Academy expand by 56 seats, an update and vote on Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter (which, as it doesn't as yet have a backup, would appear not to bode well, given last month's discussion of their missing documents), and an update on the Alma del Mar deal with New Bedford. (I'll add links to the above once there is anything.)
There is an item to discuss and send to public comment the updated arts standards, so get ready if that is of interest.
As discussed in prior meetings, there is an item to discuss and vote an amendment to the state competency determination (the graduation standard) on the science MCAS for the graduating classes of 2023 and 2024. Also, if you're going to comment: comment on the issue!
There is also an update on the Governor's FY20 budget proposal and his school funding bill.

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